February 16, 2021

Pros & Cons To A First Look

Hello again & welcome to the KP Blog! Today I want to chat with you about the pros & cons of a first look on wedding day. I know every couple is different and sees their wedding day going a certain way. I love the uniqueness of each couple and how their personalities share on wedding days. 

So, first things first, what is a first look? It’s simply the moment the bride & groom see each other for the first time on wedding before the ceremony. It’s a very intimate and emotional moment, as it’s just the two of them (plus photographers of course!) where they get to take a few minutes and take it all in that they are about to become husband and wife. 


By seeing your soon-to-be hubby/wifey before the ceremony simply calms your nerves. Your wedding day is full of emotions and it’s so sweet to simply see your person and some of those nerves will disappear. 

Next up, it helps with the timing of the wedding day. By seeing your fiance before the ceremony, you get to take beautiful photos together and with your wedding party and family all before the ceremony. That means you get to go to the party sooner! 

Always remember, a first look will never spoil the ceremony. The moment a bride walks down the aisle is a moment like no other. Seeing your fiance as the doors open for you will still give you chills and the sweetest emotions. 


You break “tradition” by having a first look. Some couples are very traditional and want to keep things the old fashioned way, which is so sweet. By seeing your fiance before the ceremony, it takes away that sense of tradition. 

It’s a little risky. By having a wedding planner with you on wedding day, it surely helps not accidentally running into your fiance on your way to the bathroom. If you are all getting ready at the same location and not seeing eachother, it can be a little risky as you will have to have someone on watch to make sure you and your fiance don’t leave your room at the same time and accidentally see eachother.

You might not get all the photos you want. After the ceremony, you will have couple photos, family photos and wedding party photos. Those are ALOT of photos to fit into approximately an hour before you head over to the reception. Often those photos are rushed, which always makes me so sad because the bride & groom don’t get exactly what they wanted. 

My personal preference – I love a sweet First Look. If I can, I will always try to explain to the couple why a first look is so important. Of course it helps the day run smoother, but I promise you will look back at those photos to see your reaction over and over again. It’s such a private and emotional moment to share with just you two. It’s a moment like no other!



hello loves!

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