May 2, 2019


Pop the bubbly! Kendal Perry Wedding Planning Studio is officially turning one! I’m so thrilled to have this little business of mine and I cannot believe it has been a full year. This year has flown by and I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing couples and help them down the aisle. 2018 was a huge memorable year for me by taking this leap of faith and starting my own business at 25 years old.

After many friends and family told me to start this business, I decided to entertain the thought and prayed for this opportunity and let me tell you, He answered that prayer really quick! I met with my amazing friends, Alex and Sara Lucas, and they encouraged me and helped me get this business going. Of course with the never ending support from my husband and family, I was able to grow the business more than I could have ever imagined last year. Finishing up 2018, I helped 16 amazing couples have their dream wedding. As my goal was nearly half of that, I am beyond thrilled that I doubled my expectations! Thank you to everyone who believed in me to start this amazing journey! Now…below…get ready to giggle.

FUN story that you don’t want to miss. So, Sara and I had been chatting about this lovely photoshoot for a few weeks and I had been dreaming of it for months, of course. I knew I would have a gold number one balloon and be somewhere memorable for me. When Sara and I were chatting about the location, the only place I could think of was somewhere downtown where many venues are located and have the city in the background. Randomly my mom said, “What about Montevallo?” I immediately thought it would be perfect since this is where it all began. I graduated from the University on the very same lawn these photos were taken. It was so special going back to this beautiful campus to celebrate what I’ve worked so hard for during those years at Montevallo. #GoFalcons Anyway, back to this beautiful day for the photoshoot. Sara and I had planned to meet at her house at 9:00 that morning so we could ride together to the campus. I head over, all is well, I’m ready, she’s ready, we’ve got the balloon and we’re on our way. The day was a little overcast so it was going to be perfect! We arrive at President’s Lawn and hop out of the car and headed to the shady area. When all of a sudden, that beautiful gold balloon detaches from the string and heads for the sky.

I WAS SO MAD. Sara immediately falls to the floor laughing, apologizing for laughing as I was about to cry. So, being the best friend that she is, we drive to Alabaster Target to get a new balloon. Thankfully they had one! We decided to head over and grab some Champagne and cute wine glasses, because why not? We knew we needed it after this! We head to the front, they wont blow up balloons. So, we went to Walmart, stood in line for quite some time to be told “We haven’t done that in years.” Well, let me tell you I’m not driving to Hoover to get helium in this dang balloon. So, we drive to the neighborhood Walmart and praise Jesus, they have helium!! Finally, we were back on our and way and I would not let that balloon out of my arms. LOL! Thankfully the 1.5 detour made for a fun day with Sara! Once we arrived back to campus, we found our balloon stuck in a tree, dead of course. We couldn’t help but laugh that time! And we all know I can’t do everything seriously. When your best friend stands in front of you with a camera, you’ve got to have a little fun! After all that we went through, I was loving that balloon. Enjoy!

hello loves!

Welcome to the KP blog! My name is Kendal and I’m so happy you’re here. It’s been my dream for quite some time to own a wedding planning company and now the time has finally arrived! I am certain that this will be the best journey in life and I’m so excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on for the past few months! Take a look around, love. I can’t wait to meet you!


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