August 7, 2019

Guest Blog Series | Birmingham Wedding Photographers| AL Weddings

Hello friends!
Today starts my guest blog series for a few of my favorite wedding photographers in Birmingham! First goes to my precious friends, Alex & Sara Lucas with AL Weddings. I absolutely love working with these two because they make the wedding day so much fun! Enjoy getting to know them!
1. How long have you been apart of the wedding industry as a photographer?
We have been shooting weddings together since 2013! 6 Years has gone by so fast!
2. Did you always know that you wanted to photograph weddings?
 Alex certainly did although he never believed it was something he was going to do on a career level. He dabbled in photography throughout high school and actually shot his very first wedding for a teacher when he was still a student there. He went on to get a degree in Graphic and Web Design but decided wedding photography was his true love. I (Sara) certainly had no clue I was going to be a wedding photographer. I remember sitting in on a photographer’s talk for career day in high school and this guy made photography seem like the worst career ever and to absolutely NOT pick it. SO, I didn’t. I chose to be a nurse instead because him stating photography was “very competitive, you make no money and everyone can be pretty rude in the industry” was not my jam. I went to school got my degree in Nursing, passed my NCLEX and worked for 2 years before I realized “I am working all the time, this job is well under valued and I don’t get paid near enough for the things I deal with” so I fell full time into wedding photography with Alex. Best decision ever!
3. On wedding day, what is your favorite thing or part of the day to photograph? 

 We really love two parts equally … bride getting ready with her mom is a TOP fave forever. There is just something so sweet about a Mom helping prep her daughter for the start of a new beginning. We also really love doing portraits after the ceremony. The emotions there are so different than the ones after a first look and we just really love the way a couple looks at each after they realize … oh my gosh … We are ACTUALLY MARRIED!

4. Who is your ideal client?
Our ideal client is a couple that is not only in love but are also best friends above everyone else. Their wedding day is about them getting married but they are equally excited to celebrate with their friends too! They want to be connected to everyone that is with them on their wedding day including vendors and crave an experience that can make their wedding day so much more special.
5. What advice would you give a future bride?
Pick your photographer based on a variety of reasons not just because their work is pretty or because they fit in your budget. Those things are important but picking someone you also connect with on a personal level will allow you to feel more natural in front of a camera. A photographer is around you for almost your entire wedding day and you want to select someone that will make your day better and make you happier just because they are there. Lastly, never underestimate the power of a serving heart in someone. So often nowadays many photographers forget it’s not about them on the wedding day … it’s about the couple and they serve based on selfish reasons not based on the best interest of their couple. Take that love for people into consideration when picking people to surround yourself with.
7. We LOVE working together, but how do you think the client benefits from working with us as a team? 
Many people see a preferred vendors list and they may look at it but they don’t know the importance of working off that list. We all know not everyone works well together. Not saying that people don’t get along but everyone holds different values on the day of. So it’s actually a huge bonus for you to pick someone that vendors are familiar working with. You know if they made it on that list they are preferred for a reason. We love working with Kendal because we know we can put so much trust in her on the wedding day and we don’t need to spend time double-checking on her to make sure things are getting done that will make sure we continue to run smoothly. She knows what we need from her to give the couple an incredible experience and that speaks volumes on how smooth a wedding can truly run. 

hello loves!

Welcome to the KP blog! My name is Kendal and I’m so happy you’re here. It’s been my dream for quite some time to own a wedding planning company and now the time has finally arrived! I am certain that this will be the best journey in life and I’m so excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on for the past few months! Take a look around, love. I can’t wait to meet you!


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