May 12, 2019

Creating a Guest List | Kendal Perry

Hello sweet brides!

Creating your guest list can be very time consuming and tedious. Making sure you have everyone’s address, plus one, choice of meal, etc. goodness! I have a few helpful tips for you at creating the perfect guest list! It’s good to have a “Guest List A” and “Guest List B” , This means your A-listers are your must invitees like family and closest friends and your B-listers are your additional guests you would love to have celebrate with you depending on your budget and venue accommodations. Typically you still are able to add majority of your B-listers!

After creating your initial guest list, next you need to create a forum to collect addresses. I’ve seen this done many different ways, whether you’re using your parents old address book or you created a new Google Form for guests to give you all the details! After creating your list and receiving your addresses, you need to make sure to keep them all in the same place and easy to access. I personally love my planning portal called Aisle Planner, to keep track of your guests and all of their details.

After creating your guest list, it will help you better decided on budget and venue choices. You definitely want to make sure that your amount of guests can be accommodated correctly at your chosen venue. Typically you can except about 75%-80% of your guests to RSVP and celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Creating a guest list is such an important component in wedding planning so be sure to get this done towards the beginning on your planning process.

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hello loves!

Welcome to the KP blog! My name is Kendal and I’m so happy you’re here. It’s been my dream for quite some time to own a wedding planning company and now the time has finally arrived! I am certain that this will be the best journey in life and I’m so excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on for the past few months! Take a look around, love. I can’t wait to meet you!


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