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hello loves!

I know you’re the kind of girl that loves people fully. You’re as sweet as you are loyal, and I know you couldn’t be who you are without your incredible friends, your amazing family and of course without him.

I know, now more than ever, you are completely and totally head over heels in love with your man. He whisked you into his life and his heart, got on one knee, and suddenly you’ve entered one of the most incredible seasons of your lives together, your engagement.

Now, gorgeous details and pretty color palettes dance around in your wedding dreams as you begin to enter your incredible new normal as his Mrs. But sometimes, instead of gazing into his gorgeous eyes and getting lost in the dreams of your life together, you’ve got a thousand wedding ideas filling your mind.

That’s where I come in.

I’m like your dream-wedding-designer-day-of-organizer-date-encourager-best-friend that helps you style, design and plan your entire wedding seamlessly, effortlessly and gorgeously. I help you put all the pieces of your dream wedding together so that your vision of your wedding day comes to life. I make sure your wedding designs come together perfectly so you can get lost in his eyes not lost in the wedding planning

are you a bride who:

Lives for the details?

Loves southern traditions?

Captivates romance?

look AROUND!

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© 2018-  Kendal Perry

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© 2018-  Kendal Perry

Site & Branding By AL Creative

Kendal perry is a birmingham, alabama

based wedding planner focused on

giving the wedding of you dreams